The following are real stories from real customers

Tatay Manuel 

NAME: Tatay Manuel

Health Condition: Pamamaga/Pagsusugat ng Paa.

Products used: Zeeclear and Detozeetea

"Talagang malaki pinag bago nya sa Zeeyu product. Huwag kayong manghihinayang sa pera. Maganda ang epekto sa ating kalusugan"

Shown below is the combined effectivenes of Zeeclear and Detozeetea to address the health issue.   

A true medical treatment for psoriasis  

Tatay Manuel's feet before and after 3 weeks of taking Zeeclear and Detozeetea


Sip Your Way to Purity – Detozeetea Detoxes, Cleanses, and Revitalizes! Harness the Power of Nature for a Healthier Kidney, Liver, and Blood!

Nanay Marie at the Airport

NAME: Nanay Marie

Health Condition: Severe Joint Pains

Products used: Zeeclear and Perfexione

Story: Nanay Marie is a housekeeping employee at the Cebu airport, Nanay Marie has a knee pain. Since we saw Nanay Marie suffering due to knee pain, our group gave her Zeeclear and Perfection that she used immediately and just after 30 minutes of taking Zeeyu Product she was relieve and happy because the pain was gone.

She said “Hindi ako makalakad kanina pero nung ininom ko ang Zeeclear at Perfexione eto nakakagalaw na ako ng maayos 30 minutes lang!”



Mommy Au is so proud of herself for making the decision to use Zeeyu Detox Products. She has seen an amazing transformation in her health and wellbeing in just a few short weeks. Her skin is clearer, she feels more energized and her digestion has improved immensely. She has also lost weight, gained muscle, and her overall mood and outlook on life have improved. She is so thankful for the detox products she has used, as they have completely changed her life.

(Ret) 2nd Lt. Philippine Army Benedict Estanes

2nd Lt. Estanes was suffering from Gout upon retirement from the service. This limits his mobility and movement. These symptoms disappeared upon taking Zeeclear and Detozeetea.